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Seat of Government Acceptance Act 1922 (Cth)
Seat of Government Acceptance Act 1922 (Cth), cover
Seat of Government Acceptance Act 1922 (Cth), p1
Seat of Government Acceptance Act 1922 (Cth), p2
Seat of Government Acceptance Act 1922 (Cth), p3
Seat of Government Acceptance Act 1922 (Cth), p4
In correcting errors in the description of territory transferred under the 1909 Seat of Government Acceptance and Seat of Government Surrender Acts, this document amends the area of five of the eight parcels of land described in those Acts.
On 2 September 1920, the New South Wales and Commonwealth governments agreed to alter the 1909 agreement transferring land at Sussex Inlet and in the vicinity of Jervis Bay to correct ‘certain errors and misdescriptions’ in the specifications in that agreement, made law in the subsequent Acts of both parliaments.

This Act was necessary to replace Clause 5 of the 1909 agreement with a new clause specifying the correct areas of land ‘at Sussex Haven and at and near Jervis Bay’.
Long Title:An Act to ratify an Agreement for the variation of the Agreement for the Surrender and Acceptance of Territory for the purposes of the Seat of Government of the Commonwealth (Act 28 of 1922)
No. of pages:Cover + 4 pages
Medium:Paper, bound with blue silk ribbon
Measurements:29.4 x 22.5 cm
Provenance:The Senate
Features:The ceremonial elements – the ribbon and Royal Arms on the front cover, and the Assent signature of the Governor-General Lord Forster on the fourth page.
Location & Copyright:National Archives of Australia
Reference:NAA: A1559, 1922/28