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Documenting a Democracy website is hosted and maintained by the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.

Quick tour

How to get to the documents

Use the map on Home to navigate to the nine sets of original constitutional instruments:

  • a set for each of the six states
  • one set each for the two territories
  • and a set for the Commonwealth of Australia

Explore themes and features

Three feature sections offer different 'doorways' to the documents:

  • Places has animated maps that track how Australia's constitutional boundaries were formed
  • Pathways offers theme trails on Foundation, Building, Freedoms and Land
  • Picture album has images related to the documents

Reference tools to help you

  • Timeline shows what was happening when each document was written
  • Glossary will help you with unfamiliar words
  • Copyright conditions should be checked if you want to publish any material from this site
  • Site credits profile the people behind this website

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