Documenting Democracy
Australia's Story
Project Partners

Documenting a Democracy was developed through a partnership of Australia's nine government archives.

The project involved the collaboration of 30 contributing institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom and a nationwide coordination of nine project teams, the national advisory panel and some 30 consultants and contractors providing the specialist knowledge and technical skills required. The Project Manager was Dr Lenore Coltheart at the National Archives.

National Archives of Australia project team

Lenore Coltheart (Project Manager and Curator)
Tikka Wilson (Production Manager)
David Swift (Archivist)
Jutta Hosel (Photographer)
Trish Stokes (Conservator)
Carolyn Kelly, Nolette de Souza, Yvonne Wise, Trish Carnevale (Transcripts)

National Archives of Australia website

Territory Records Office Australian Capital Territory project team

David Wardle (Archivist)
Amanda Harris (Archivist)
Lenore Coltheart (Historian)
Kate Bagnall (Project Manager)
Kath McGrath (Transcripts)

Territory Records Office Australian Capital Territory website

State Records New South Wales project team

Gail Davis (Archivist)
Dr Helen Irving (Historian)
Catherine Freyne (Researcher)

State Records New South Wales website

Northern Territory Archives Service project team

Cathy Flint (Archivist)
Emeritus Professor Alan Powell (Historian)
Craig Lush, Jill Parker, Cheryl Phillips (Transcripts)
Andrew Pitt (Images for photo album)
Cathy Chandler (Design)
Nearline Imaging Solutions (Photo scans)

Northern Territory Archives Service website

Queensland State Archives project team

Nola Fulwood (Archivist)
Associate Professor Clive Moore (Historian)
Warwick Peberdy, Department of Communication and Information, Local Government and Planning, Queensland

Queensland State Archives website

State Records of South Australia project team

June Edwards (Archivist)
Judy Jeffery (Archivist)
Hon. John Bannon (Historian)

State Records of South Australia website

Archives Office of Tasmania project team

Jill Waters (Archivist)
Dr Richard Ely (Historian)

Archives Office of Tasmania website

Public Record Office Victoria project team

Bronwyn Fensham (Public Programs Manager)
Catherine Kesik (Public Programs Officer)
Professor Stuart Macintyre (Historian)
Paul Jones (Researcher)
Nicole Strang and Louisa Scott (Transcripts)

Public Record Office Victoria website

State Records Office of Western Australia project team

Damien Hassan (Archivist)
Lise Summers (Archivist)
Associate Professor David Black (Historian)

State Records Office of Western Australia website