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Western Australia Act 1829 (UK)
Western Australia Act 1829 (UK), p1
Western Australia Act 1829 (UK), p2
Western Australia Act 1829 (UK), p3
This legislation was the formal act providing temporarily for the government of the Colony of Western Australia.
The Act was introduced into the British Parliament shortly after the first fleet had set out for the new Colony on 9 February 1829. It received the Royal Assent on 14 May 1829. The preamble to the Act stated that these were temporary arrangements until the number of settlers increased and the 'undertaking shall be further matured'.

The Act also made clear that no part of the colonies of New South Wales or Van Diemen's Land would be included within the new Colony.

This Act was extended by various other legislation from time to time until it was formally repealed by the Australian Constitutions Act 1850, [Constitutions] which dealt with the government of all of the Australian colonies.


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Handwritten on membranes of vellum about 18–19 inches long and 12 inches wide, sewn end to end and then rolled up.

Detail from the last page of the Western Australia Act 1829 (UK).

Detail from the last page of the Western Australia Act 1829 (UK).

Long Title:An Act to provide until the Thirty-first Day of December One thousand eight hundred and thirty-four, for the Government of His Majesty's Settlements in Western Australia, on the Western Coast of New Holland
No. of pages:3
Measurements:18–19 inches x 12 inches per membrane
Provenance:British Parliament
Features:The vellum is in creamy shades and the ink is brown
Location & Copyright:House of Lords Record Office
Reference:10 Geo. IV No. 63